Shift People

Together we can make a impact! Join our Shift People network as an individual, student, teacher, expert, physical location, club or organisation.

Because the people we surround ourselves with are the biggest influence on our behaviour, attitudes and results. Who you are around — what they’ve got you thinking, saying, doing and becoming — sets the course of your life.

If you recognise that the dreams in your heart may be bigger than the environment in which you find yourself. We love to inspire you to get out of that environment to see your dreams fulfilled.

We are active

In Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and working together with partners from The Netherlands, Slovenia, Norway & Portugal.

Training centar
Mindfulness centar Novi Sad

In 2019 we have opend our first fisical location in Novi Sad. A space where we test and develop our programs & train the trainers.

Our mission is to touch one Million souls before 2030!

We are aware that this mission that’s way bigger than just a one-man show! To strive outside of the borders of our mission we need to have a network of people who act and think outside of their borders.

Together from good to Grateful

We value and dare you to…

  • take responsibility and don’t expect others to do the work
  • have the courage to be vulnerable and honest towards yourself and others
  • practice resilience and compassion instead of faking perfection
  • focus but be aware of when to stop in order to enjoy the process

We love to empower you mindfully on your path of growth, but we can’t save you, the work has to be done by you.

Learn from Global Experts

Even with a lifetime of learning, you can’t master it all by yourself. That’s why we work collectively with global experts to deliver their specialism.

André van Kempen

empowerment coach

Ivana Muškinja

founder familylab

Katarina Majkić

founder Play Center Novi Sad

Sanja Stanković

founder from love we grow

Vesna Laković

Mindfulness teacher

Work with Local Ambassadors

Bosnia Herzegovina
Bosnia Herzegovina

Join our Shift People Network

We believe that every individual and organization plays a vital role in contributing to our Shift People Network, so we are open to all sectors in society that embrace personal wellbeing in their capacities.

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